Gentle Changes news.

Wow! Time flies. I've had  the new website for a couple of weeks and this is the first time that I've managed to get to it. Summer holidays and children in the house can get in the way of business development. There are some changes that I will be making on the website, if I can learn how to edit (!), so keep a look out for the changes and any feedback will be most welcome.

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but the big news is that The Beehive Practice at Keynsham is soon to open and I shall be having a room there, hopefully for one evening a week to start with. More news on that once it is confirmed.

So, pop along to the practice website to see what is on offer at

Gentle Changes aim to offer hypnotherapy and reflexology at the practice, so please share the link and pop down to Keynsham and have a look.

Until my next blog post, thanks for reading. Enjoy. x