Come and have a free reflexology taster session!

I am pleased to be able to offer taster sessions at the Beehive Practice on the 3rd of October - come along, say hello and have a nifty and relaxing foot massage. For those of you who have never experienced reflexology before, come and give it a try. For those of you who have, come and have 20 mins of relaxation and bring the family with you!

Why should you bother?

"Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works alongside orthodox medicine. It may be carried out on the feet or the hands. There are 7,000 plus nerve endings on the feet which feedback information to the spinal cord and the brain. This stimulation brings about the relaxation response via the parasympathetic nervous system, providing the right environment for change to take place for the client or patient. During a reflexology treatment points on the feet (or hands) are stimulated using a specific pressure massage technique.  As a holistic therapy reflexology treats the whole person rather than symptoms they are experiencing at that moment in time. If, for example, they are suffering with lower back pain they may get relief from this whilst at the same time noticing that their overall health improves, they may feel more energetic and sleep more soundly. The responses to treatment are as individual as the person being treated".


Then come along and I look forward to meeting you on the 3rd of October, at The Beehive Practice in lovely Keynsham.

Then why not pop into Keynsham Food Festival at the local Scout Hut (near the large council car park) which is also taking place on Saturday.

Sadly the holidays are coming to an end. The children are getting ready to return to school and the beautifully quiet and relaxing French countryside is now a distant memory............

However, I am a step closer to starting at The Beehive Practice and working with some amazing practitioners - take a look at the website - in gorgeous and relaxing surroundings. I can't wait!

So, here is where I stick my neck on the line and face my fear of putting myself out there and promoting myself. From the 1st of September 2015 I will be working at The Beehive Practice on a Thursday evening, 5pm until 9pm. I will continue to offer Reflexology and Hypnotherapy from my home therapy room on a Thursday and Friday daytime between 9.30am and 3pm. I have also started to work in Newport, South Wales, on a Tuesday afternoon/evening.

My website that was co-created by the beautiful Leora Sharp, the Webmistress of Bath is officially opened for your perusal. I hope that you can take time to read it and any (gentle) feedback will be gratefully received. Setting this up has been a HUGE learning curve, with lots more learning to come I imagine, like trying to add this blog to my Facebook page!