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My name is Ann-louise Niamh. I am married with 4 children and I also care for my Granddaughter. Having such a large family has taught me,  and is still teaching me, loads. I am currently undergoing the process of my older children leaving home, becoming independent and spreading their wings; my younger daughter coming to the start of her GCSE years and trying to manage her dyslexia and my Granddaughter beginning the transition to senior school. I guess that’s the thing with family, there is never a quiet time!

Gentle-Changes has taken time to evolve. Despite being busy with my family I have always been driven to develop myself and help others.

  • I originally trained as a nurse to work with children and adults with learning difficulties and their parents/carers to help them manage the challenges of being learning disabled within our society.
  • After having my oldest children I read English Literature at University, which I loved and then began teaching at secondary school. Boy, was that an experience! I loved working with the children and being there to motivate and encourage them, but it became very clear to me that when children are struggling with an emotional crisis, then learning English is the last thing on their mind.
  • So I trained to be a qualified social worker, with the express wish to work with children to help support their emotional well being and I have been doing this for the past 7 years. I currently work part time as a therapeutic social worker and support children who are in care and their carers.
  • During my career I have gained a range of skills and qualifications, some of which include skills in Family Therapy, Counselling and modules towards a Masters in Child and Adolescent Mental Health studies. I also trained in Reflexology and Hypnotherapy. I am currently working with families and using attachment based work.

I have learned that people are all individuals with unique lives, strengths, needs, skills and qualities. I offer a person centred approach to my therapies with excellent listening skills, a non-judgemental approach and hopefully humour – we all need to laugh so that we can take the process of change seriously, but lightly. Changing ourselves can be tough, but by taking small steps within a wonderfully supportive and safe space, change can be enjoyed and relished.

I have also developed a passion for mindfulness and an interest in neuroscience, although I don’t find this easy! I have come to realise the power of mindfulness in my own life and having a small understanding of neuroscience has helped me and others to understand why we respond the way we do to certain events in their lives. This has been invaluable.

So that’s how I got here, in a nutshell!
But what can I offer you?

  • I am here to help you access your own potential for change, in a gentle and supportive way – Gentle Changes. By helping you to access your own strengths, talents and skills I can guide you towards your goals and help you achieve the changes that you dream of. Small steps towards gentle and safe change.
  • I am a firm advocate that no matter how your mind works and no matter what your past has given to you, you can learn how to accept what is and what has been. I can support you to work towards the life that you wish to have from a self compassionate perspective.

I believe that positive relationships, with ourselves and others, are the key to a happy life. Everyone deserves happiness in their lives and I believe that the key to this is understanding that happiness comes from within us, not outside us and I am committed to helping you believe that too.

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